Hello Earthling, inhabitant of Towns and Cities:

You are in one of the darkest places on the planet, in one of the most charming and magical regions of Spain: La Dehesa del Sur-Oeste Extremeño, an authentic and unique place, full of tradition and hospitality, nature and culture. And of course an ideal paradise to contemplate the sky.

We invite you to explore, get to know and enjoy our space with views of the Cosmos from e-eye.

Our story is very simple because in the end we have everything we want e-eye to be: the beauty and magic of this authentic Earth and a Universe with thousands of stars within our reach, we have… the Holm Oaks and the Stars. Through this seemingly simple concept, we embarked on our journey through the year 2014 to create what e-eye is today.

It has not been easy, every project that materializes in a rural environment has its innumerable complications. But the truth is that, thanks to the determination, the support of many people and our faithful belief in doing things with care, courage and wanting to contribute to the community with a better future, we have come to give life to a project that has us enthusiastic.

E-eye is a meeting place for those who are lovers of nature or outdoor sports; Amateurs, Professionals and Lovers of Astronomy; Tourist explorers or Travelers looking for unique places; Lovers of tranquility and the enjoyment of contact with the Cosmos. Those restless people who want to know more about our place in the Universe. For all those who want to carry out their astronomical work of Hosting Telescopes in a privileged place due to its darkness and number of clear nights per year.

We are all part of this Universe and we invite you to get to know it at e-eye. Welcome!!!