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the BIGGEST Hosting in Europe

You have your own observatory: At e-EyE we have built high-tech individual observatory modules so that professional and amateur astronomers from all over the world can remotely control their telescopes from anywhere on the planet. We have the highest technology and general infrastructures necessary for the robotization and control of each observatory. Thanks to this and the professional service our clients receive, we have become the largest hosting in Europe


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Fregenal de la Sierra

What does e-EyE Hosting offer you?


Individual ceilings

Each client feels that they are truly housed in their robotic observatory. In our Hosting service the robotization of the roof is included.


Sky quality and All Sky

Through ALL SKY LIVE you will know the state of the sky, incredible astronomical conditions of the e-EYE complex. SQM 21.8 arcsec and seeing less than 2 arcsec


3x3 meters of space

High-tech observatories to house telescopes from 8 “to 24”, with any type of optics or mounting design (German, fork): robust support columns specially designed to house all kinds of astronomical equipment.



24 hour security surveillance with full coverage

Against vandalism, theft and damage caused by adverse weather conditions. Surveillance through a complex system of cameras and barriers connected to the police network.

Clear nights per year

From 250 to 270 clear nights per year.

Personalized assistance

Face-to-face assistance from e-EyE staff at the facilities to carry out maintenance and advice.

Accommodation in e-EyE

Priority of accommodation in the same astronomical complex to avoid travel to the post.

Fiber Optic Connectivity

Synchronized high-speed data transit with fiber optics.


Do you need technical information?

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Iimplementation of telescopic and instrumentation equipment.


In any area of interaction: robotization, instrumentation, astronomical equipment, observatories.


We offer different hourly maintenance options

R + D + I

Program of collaborative research and development points e-EyE with our clients and collaborators. A collaborative work program is created based on research points with e-EyE and on subscriptions with different levels of involvement and services.


We have chosen a Roll-off model type Robotic Observatories design. They have been designed and conceived to house remotely controlled telescopes, which require the highest demands on performance and safety of the installed equipment.

“The first phase began in 2014, with a modular Observatory building, called Apollo, to install freestanding telescopes that can house telescopes with openings of up to 24 ″. Today we have an infrastructure of 10 Apollos of Astronomical Observatories “

Through a careful technical design, in the observatories we have managed to optimize all the physical parameters to eliminate any minimum vibration that affects the mount, effective elimination of hot spots, achieving thermal insulation and an optimal thermal inertia that allows the cooling of the mirrors.

Many of the solutions that have been projected are of our own design based on the experience of years building observatories.

  • Communication with the PC through a USB port.
    ASCOM driver, which allows controlling the observatory with commercial control programs.
    It allows the opening or closing of the sliding roof. Positioning at any point along the route.
    Keystone motor control:
    Soft start and stop
    Configurable security mechanisms: It allows to selectively define the conditions for the observatory to close automatically:
    Timer It allows defining a time during which the observatory will remain open (eg to ventilate), closing automatically when the term expires.
    Weather conditions. It closes automatically when ordered by the cloud, rain, etc. detector. (AAG CloudWatcher or similar).
    Loss of power. Automatically closes when utility power is lost.
    Loss of communication. It closes automatically when communication with the PC is lost (operating system hangs)
    Internet disconnection. It closes automatically when the internet connection has been down for a while.

    All these orders to close the observatory will be preceded by an order to park the mount (depending on this the order will be direct or through the PC when possible).


At e-EyE we offer a solution for all those services demanded by many amateurs and professionals around the world, who need especially dark and conditioned places for the practice of this great hobby or for study and scientific training. The conditions are exceptional for the dissemination and knowledge of the Cosmos since every time we have fewer places that allow us to observe and enjoy the sky. It has not been by chance that we have built the e-EyE Astronomical complex in this place.

The location of the e-EyE Astronomical Complex offers a low cloud and rainfall regime, with reduced environmental humidity. We are in an ideal environment with a high percentage of clear nights, which guarantees the realization of numerous astronomical observations of exceptional quality. Pleasant and perfect average temperatures most of the year to practice astronomy both visually and through telescopes. The statistics reflect that in this area of ​​the southwest of Extremadura, the general climatic conditions for observation are ideal as a whole: Clear nights between at least 132 and 236 in excellent weather years.

The province of Badajoz has a continental Mediterranean climate with Atlantic influence, due to the proximity of the Portuguese coast. Winters are relatively cold, with lows that can drop to 0 ° C. On the other hand, summers are hot, with maximums that can be around 40 ° C. Rainfall is sometimes irregular, with an annual average of around 500 mm. The rainiest months are November and December. In contrast, summers are usually dry with only a few very occasional stormy precipitation. In autumn and spring the character of the climate is not as marked as the rest of the year. The average annual temperature in Fregenal de la Sierra is 15.2 ° C. According to the Köppen-Geiger classification, the climate is of the Csa type.


We have chosen the site of the e-EyE Astronomical Complex based on multiple factors that, taken together, allow the practice of Astronomy in all its aspects at the highest level. The commitment to sustainable development and the inclusion of the town of Fregenal de la Sierra in a “Star-Light” development project, guarantees that the quality of the sky is maintained in the future. Criteria such as: Low light pollution have been taken into account in its location. There are no major urban centers in the vicinity. Availability of a good service infrastructure. Easy access. Health center for possible needs. Protection of the environment from future urban pollution. Visible and wide horizon in all quadrants. Natural wind cover, guaranteeing a low atmosphere in turbulence.

Latitude  38°13’10.89″ Norte
 Length  6°37’54.32″ Oeste
  Altitude: 560 m.s.n.m.

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The e-EyE Astronomical Complex is located at the apex of the road communication axis between Spain and Portugal, an hour and a half from Seville International Airport, four hours from Madrid International Airport and 3 hours from Lisbon.


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