The realization of the online reservation implies the acceptance of each and every one of these General Conditions.
Any Client who makes a reservation through this Website declares himself of legal age and, where appropriate, with full capacity to use means of payment (credit cards) and that they have sufficient funds to cover all costs resulting from the service. , the User also declares to fully accept all of these General Contracting Conditions and the Legal Notice published on the website, as well as the specifications and characteristics of the accommodation offered.
When making the reservation, the Client is fully and exclusively responsible for the accuracy of all the data that he / she states. In case of incorrectness, this could lead to the automatic cancellation of the same.
First.- Making a reservation.
The website offers the possibility of making an online reservation, which is a 24-hour service, simple, direct and available from anywhere through an internet connection.
To reserve an accommodation, 100% of the amount of the requested stay will be paid as a reservation, although this reservation will not be formalized until the receipt of the confirmation granted by e-EyE.
Once verified that the reservation has been paid, you will receive a confirmation email with the information of the reserved facilities and confirmation of the reservation.
The amount of the deposit as a reservation will be paid by transfer. It will not be considered formalized until the deposit of the corresponding amount in the e-EyE account provided for this purpose and the receipt of the bank receipt at the email address
The client must indicate in the reservation the number of people included (hereinafter “companions”) in it, having the right to occupy the accommodation and facilities the number of people indicated. In the event that the Client occupies the accommodation with more people than those indicated without prior authorization from e-EyE, they may ask the Client to vacate the facilities without the right to any compensation.
e-EyE reserves the right to reject a reservation from any Client with whom it has a dispute or there have been problems in the payment of previous purchases.
Second.- Modification of the reservation.
The reservation made to enjoy the complementary services offered related to astronomy may be subject to modification in the event that the weather forecast indicates that it cannot be made on the date indicated, always taking into account the availability of e-EyE and the Client. If it is not possible to relocate the Client on another date, the amount paid for the reservation will be refunded, without the Client being able to claim any other amount from e-EyE as compensation. In any other case, the arrival or departure dates of the facilities cannot be modified.
Third.- Cancellation of the reservation.
The Client can cancel the reservation at least 7 days before the arrival date, free of charge. In this case, e-EyE will proceed to return the amount paid for the formalization within a maximum period of 7 days.
In the event of the cancellation of a reservation without respecting the agreed period, a series of cancellation fees will be applied that will be applied to the amount paid for the formalization.
25% if the cancellation is made less than 7 days in advance of the arrival date.
In the event that the Client does not show up on the day of the reservation, he / she must pay 100% of the reservation as compensation.
Fifth.- Entry into the establishment.
The time of entry to the establishment can be flexible after discussing it with the e-EyE staff.
In the event that the entry is to be made after 8 pm, it is necessary to notify it sufficiently in advance. In case the arrival takes place at dawn, the early morning of entry will be counted as one more night and must be paid.
Sixth.- Departure from the establishment.
Before leaving the accommodation, the Client must ensure that the facilities are properly collected and that he carries all his belongings. In case he forgets any of them, e-EyE is not responsible for their status and disappearance, being, if possible, stored in our facilities. The Customer will pay the cost of the shipping costs necessary for its recovery.
The keys will be handed over in coordination with the e-EyE staff.
Seventh.- Behaviors and civic norms.
The Client and each and every one of his companions must respect the neighbors and other residents, therefore unfair behavior will not be tolerated.
Pets and companion animals are accepted, the Client being responsible for their care, attention and safety at all times, not being the responsibility of e-EyE the cases of loss, misplacement, injuries and even death thereof. Likewise, the Client will be responsible for the damages and losses that these animals could cause in the facilities, and in the goods of other clients and third parties, including physical damages.
The Client and his companions must especially:
properly use the facilities and furnishings of the facilities and maintain their condition;
refrain from intimidating, offensive or rude behavior towards other Clients, residents of the area and employees of e-EyE;
refrain from excessive consumption of alcohol (the level of which is dangerous to the Client’s health, or may shock other people); and
refrain from the consumption of other narcotic substances (for example drugs).
The Customer may only use the pool during the seasons and times authorized for this, under his own responsibility and in accordance with the rules of use indicated below:

The pool for the exclusive use of e-EyE Clients, not allowing access to any outsider.
The pool area is not open all year, depending on its opening date, time, demand and other factors, so it will not be used in periods not authorized by e-EyE.
The bathroom and the stay in the pool area must be respectful with the rest of the clients.
The pool is private, so it does not require the presence of a lifeguard, so you must take extreme security measures.
The use of glass containers is prohibited.
Children, for safety, cannot bathe without the presence of an adult.
Pet bathing is strictly prohibited.

The Client may only make use of the barbecue area in the authorized seasons for the use of fire in the field and always under the rules of use dictated by e-EyE, using the materials that e-EyE authorizes and recommends and generating the least possible impact on the environment. Upon completion, the Client must leave the barbecue area free of waste.
The Client is aware that the facilities are located in a special enclave, in the middle of nature, so the Client and all those accompanying him will take special care of the environment and environment that surrounds them, generating the least possible impact.
In particular, and given the special orographic configuration of the area, the Client and his companions and / or pets must not leave the designated area, avoiding the area of ​​the ravine or any other that in his opinion could be dangerous. In the event that the Client, his companions or pets leave the premises, they will do so properly equipped and under the strictest responsibility of him, exonerating e-EyE from any liability for damages.
Eighth.- Responsible consumption instructions.
e-EyE cares about respecting the environment and generating the smallest possible ecological footprint, which is why it asks its Clients to comply with the following instructions for use and responsible consumption:
Do not leave the taps open while carrying out actions such as washing teeth, hands, taking a shower, etc …
Use only the water that is necessary, avoiding wasting it.
Do not use heating or cooling systems if they are not necessary.
Do not use heating or cooling systems with windows or doors open.
Do not use the lighting and lighting systems if they are not necessary.
Do not use the toilet as a waste disposal system. In particular, given the environmentally sustainable system chosen for the toilets, do not throw paper into them, in order to avoid clogging and / or deterioration.
Use the bins. Do not throw garbage or waste such as cigarette butts, papers, cans, which contaminate and deteriorate the beauty of these places.
Recycle, as far as possible, the waste it generates.
Do not alter the lives of the animals that you may encounter during your stay at the facilities.
Ninth.- Data protection.
In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) and its Development Regulations approved by RD 1720/2007, of December 21, the personal data provided Through the website or by email, they will be incorporated into a file owned by e-EyE.
All data provided by the Client will be used solely and exclusively for the purposes of this contract, and cannot be processed or transferred without the express agreement of the Client, with the only exceptions contemplated in the Organic Law on Data Protection.
The rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition may be exercised by postal mail attaching a copy of the document proving your identity to the address Entre Encinas y Estrellas, SL, calle Colón nº 38, cp 06350, Higuera la Real, Badajoz or the following email address
Tenth.- Contractual relationship.

It will be governed by the free will of the parties at all times and additionally by the provisions of the Civil Code and the applicable regulations, Decree 65/2015, of April 14, which establishes the organization and classification system of accommodation of rural tourism of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.
Eleventh.- Right to Modify the General Contracting Conditions.

e-EyE reserves the right to modify unilaterally and without notice, any of the points contained in these General Contracting Conditions, in the way it deems appropriate, informing users of the modifications made through the Web Site, in order to that they can be known and again accepted by users.
Twelfth.- Partial nullity.

In the event that any of the paragraphs or clauses of these General Conditions is declared null or unenforceable by any jurisdictional court, the validity will not be affected.